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Hooten Land Design, Inc. is a landscape architecture firm offering site design services for residential, institutional, and commercial properties. Design services consist of master planning and site specific design, including conceptual site studies, construction documentation, and construction review and inspection. 

Master Planning

Large scale, comprehensive view of properties by analyzing existing conditions and owner desires, then outlining proposed site development. 

Site Specific Designs

  • Conceptual Site Studies

    • Gather base information

    • Complete freehand plans

    • Create sketches of proposed ideas

  • Construction Documents - can include the following:

    • Construction mobilization

    • Grading and drainage information

    • Tree protection and mitigation

    • Staking and materials information

    • Construction details

    • Landscape lighting

    • Planting design

  • Construction Review and Inspections

    • Assist in receiving and reviewing bids

    • Provide clarifying information, when needed

    • Inspect work in progress

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